Bucket Truck Services

bucket truck Our bucket truck has a 55 foot reach and gets the job done quickly, safely and cost effectively with the least amount of impact to your tree health.

Tree & Danger-Tree Removal

tree removal from yard With our experience, expertise and equipment we can remove any tree safely with the least amount of impact to your surroundings.

Spiral Pruning / Windfirming

windfirmed tree Need more light? Want to storm proof your trees? Removal of branches promotes tree health and reduces wind drag, allowing wind to pass through easily. It also optimizes light and minimizes the need for tree removal.

Chipping & Clean Up

chipper machine with cat It’s up to you!! We can leave the chips with you or take them away, same goes for fire wood, branches and debris. We can give you a discounted rate if you would like to do your own clean up. Otherwise our clean up crew will chip it, chop it and take it away.

View Enhancement / Limbing / Upskirting

lovely backyard trees that have been view enhanced Need more light? Need some dead wood removed for safety reasons, Upskirting for aesthetics? Your trees will thank you!

Stump & Root Grinding

root grinding Stumped? We can remove stumps with our stump grinder, this will impact the surrounding area the least and leave no sign of the stump, are roots a hazard, in the way? We can grind those out too!

Pruning & Hedge Trimming

perfectly pruned hedge Pruning promotes healthy growth, reduces hazards and improves aesthetic appeal.

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